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"The longer I get to a client, the better I get to know him. Physical or mental limitations become less and less important, because behind that limitation lies a person with the same feelings and desires. Our work is not 'luxury', but often really necessary for clients, in fact sexual services should become a natural part of healthcare. "

"Through his supervisor I heard that a client with ASD has completely blossomed since I came to him. He works and comes more for himself. During cuddling and sex we also practice saying what he wants and or not. "


"An older client indicates that his life makes sense again. He is now more decisive and enterprising. His family is also very happy with my visit, they see him shine again. "


"As a male service provider, I visit male clients through the SAR. Such a visit is for them that extra bit that they do not receive from anyone else. Some seek an intense sexual experience, others like to talk and experience intimacy. It is wonderful to experience how a client enjoys the touch that is so different from washing, dressing and medical care. "

"It can sometimes happen that a client shows sexually unrestrained behavior towards supervisors or other clients. Visiting a service provider through the SAR can help to regulate these feelings. All clients would prefer a relationship deep in their hearts. A visit from the SAR helps them feel more secure in approaching others. "


"An elderly client has a lot of pain and is difficult to talk to. But once he is lying down and I come to lie next to him, he glints. I stroke him, I kiss him, I hug him. Afterwards he grabs my hand and whispers 'thank you'. "

A client with many painful spasms loves to make love and to get a discharge. That relaxation also reduces spasms and pain. Afterwards we lie relaxed in each other's arms listening to music. The experience that we can offer clients through the SAR also reduces blood pressure and medication use. But the most important thing is: clients indicate that they are happier! "


"Many clients have never been intimate with someone before the SAR came into the picture. The first appointment is often very exciting for them and is mainly about getting to know each other better. Clients have the feeling that they belong to the SAR and that they can talk with them. "

"Because they do not have their own experiences, some young clients base their ideas about sex on the porn they see online. The first time a young man approached me that hard way, I was really overwhelmed. Now I know that starting out again helps: talking together about sex and intimacy and paying attention to each other. This way someone can let go of his toughness and unrealistic ideas about how sex should be, and we can enjoy it together. "

"Clients are sometimes very nervous. I give a massage and care for relaxation and rest. My attitude is casual and patient, making clients feel at ease quickly. It is often not really about sex, but about the intimacy of being touched and to touch. Talk to each other, cuddle, shower together. That exclusive attention is what makes clients happy. "

"Sex is a normal human need. I see the person behind the disability. I am honored to be able to contribute to the happiness and well-being of clients. They indicate that a visit through the SAR enriches their lives. Thanks to that gratitude, they contribute to my joy of life again. "

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