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The SAR started in 1982 in 'Het Dorp' (Arnhem) by residents with a physical disability. The SAR stands for Stichting Alternatie Relatiebemiddeling (Foundation for Alternative Relationship Mediation). The SAR is the only non-commercial mediation agency for sexual services for people with disabilities in the Netherlands.

The SAR sees it as its mission to ensure a safe and affordable sexual experience for people with disabilities. In addition, the SAR wants to further break the social taboo on disability and sexuality. She also likes to share her knowledge about sexuality by people with disabilities with care and educational institutions in the form of guest lectures.

Do you want to help the SAR achieve these goals? You can!

Become a service provider or a board member

Do you consider strengthening the mission of the SAR as a service provider or board member? We would like to get in touch with you! Call or email us. For more information about paid and voluntary positions at the SAR, please refer to Vacancies.

Support the SAR financially

The SAR receives no subsidy. Clients pay for introductory talks and visits directly to the service provider. In order to cover the operating costs of the foundation and to guarantee the continued existence of the SAR, financial support from other parties is very welcome! Call or email us for more information.

Book a guest lesson

The SAR likes to share her knowledge about sexuality by people with a disability. We provide guest lessons for educational and healthcare institutions. Other organizations and companies that feel attracted by our mission and want to know more can also appeal to the SAR. Contact us, we will discuss the possibilities and we will make an appropriate offer.

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