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Does the SAR deal confidentially with my data?

Yes, the SAR processes your data carefully and only shares it with the service provider who contacts you. If you no longer use the services of the SAR, we will destroy your data.

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Why is the SAR so expensive?

€ 110.00 is a lot of money. Yet you pay a lot more at a commercial provider of sexual services. Because the SAR is non profit-making organisation, it can work with professional service providers and still keep the price relatively low. This rate is fixed, for less it is unfortunately not possible.


Can I choose a service provider myself?

No, the SAR links you to a service provider who does not have to travel too far to come to you. You can not choose him or her on how he or she looks or on age.


Do I have to make a follow-up visit after the introductory meeting?

No, you decide whether you want to visit again and when. The SAR or the service provider will never take the initiative there.

Can I stop the service or get another service provider?

Yes, if you no longer wish to receive services via the SAR, you can unsubscribe. If you want a different or additional service provider, you can indicate this to the SAR and we will introduce you to a new person.

Can the service provider immediately continue to provide services after the introductory meeting?

Yes, you can indicate this when making the first appointment. In that case, the service provider charges the travel costs only once.

Can the service provider stay longer than an hour?

Yes, when making the follow-up appointment you can indicate that you want to book a full hour. The rate is also adjusted: the first hour always costs € 110.00 and every subsequent hour € 90.00.

Does my supervisor have to be in the introductory meeting?

If you only have a physical disability, you do not have to. For all other clients, the supervisor must always be present at the meeting. This way you ensure that your limits and possibilities, and the agreements are clear.

Do I have to tell the service provider exactly what I would like?

You do not give your sexual wishes by telephone or by mail, but you will discuss them during the second part of the introduction. This is important because the service provider knows what you like or dislike. You can ask your supervisor to leave the room during this part.

Do others - for example my family - know why the service provider comes to me?

No, this is private and the service provider will never discuss this with others, unless your restriction makes it necessary to discuss this with your supervisor.

Can I French kiss with the service provider and do he or she want to wear sexy clothes?

All your wishes, your limits and those of the service provider you discuss together during the second part of the introductory meeting. In consultation you agree what works for you and is nice.

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Do the service provider want to come on my birthday, or go into the city, or to the sauna?

You can only meet with the service provider at your home or in a hotel room. The service provider can arrange your birthday if it fits in the agenda. But then no one else can come to that moment.