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If you have a disability and you may want to use sexual services, you can contact the SAR. This can be done via the contact form or by calling to give your contact details. Someone else can also contact the SAR on your behalf in this way.

After you have submitted your contact details via the form or by telephone, an employee of the SAR will call you or your supervisor. This employee explains in the telephone conversation is how the SAR works. You can ask questions and decide whether sex via the SAR is something for you or your client. After this decision, the SAR employee asks for information, for example about the disability.

This information will be submitted by the SAR to a service provider after your approval. This man or woman will contact you or your supervisor by telephone. In this telephone conversation you can decide to schedule an introductory meeting with this service provider. You determine the place of the meeting together. That can be at your home or in a hotel.

Introductory meeting

The introductory meeting takes half an hour and costs € 40.00 excluding travel expenses (€ 0.19 per kilometer). Clients who are only physically limited can choose to have a trusted person at the introductory meeting. With the other clients, the supervisor is present anyway. In the first part of the acquaintance you discuss your possibilities and limits, and you make appointments together. During the second part you can discuss your sexual wishes with the service provider for the first time. Regardless of your disability, you can ask your supervisor to leave the room during this part of the conversation.



After the introductory meeting with the service provider, you can make an appointment with him or her for a follow-up visit. If you are not limited solely physically, then your supervisor makes the follow-up appointments. A visit costs € 110.00 including travel costs per time. If the service provider has to travel more than 100 km or longer than an hour to get to you, make custom arrangements with the SAR. The content of the visit is tailored as much as possible to your sexual wishes and possibilities. A visit lasts one hour. If you need help getting in and out of bed, getting out and getting dressed, the SAR asks you to take care of this.

Payment and fee

The amounts for the introductory meeting and a visit you deduct in advance in cash with the service provider. If you want, you can get a proof of payment from the service provider.

As a foundation that ensures a safe sexual experience for people with a disability, the SAR keeps the rates of its service providers low. If necessary, you can ask your municipality whether the sexual services can be reimbursed via the SAR for you. Read more about it in the information document.

Contact form

Fill the contact form and we will send the required information. Afterwards we will contact you


The provision of sexual services to people with disabilities requires a great deal from service providers in every respect. Giving warmth and a sense of trust and safety, empathy and, above all, respect for others are important. The foundation is doing everything to keep the quality of the service high. This is done through peer consultation and the exchange of experiences. Nevertheless, it can happen that a client is dissatisfied with the way in which the service takes place. The SAR takes complaints seriously and focuses on both sides.  

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